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Asterisk Services

Asterisk services


Our Asterisk services include AGI scripting, which is said to be a cool feature. Particularly, this is has an interface that can add many functionalities to Asterisk while employing various programming languages like Bourne Shell, C, Pascal, PHP, Perl, etc. Apart from that, it has three types such as AGI, EAGI, and DEADAGI. The dialplan can be controlled by the AGI. The EAGI gives a particular app to control and access the sound channel, and the DEADAGI can provide a strong access to a specific dead channel.  


Asterisk IP PBX services


Asterisk IP PBX is considered as comprehensive telephony platform that is specifically created and designed for a wide variety of government organizations and enterprise corporates. We deliver reliable feature that is rich in purpose capability that is a built hardware while using the Asterisk server which is an open source. Our company can be considered as the premiere enterprise that supplies Asterisk IP PBX services. We have a large installation experience for more than 200 facilities that includes more than 20, 000 phone in terms of extensions.


Furthermore, we have been providing these high quality and amazing services to hundreds of companies in telephony operations. With our scalable and reliable Asterisk IP PBX platform, we can employ both software and hardware in order to attain the level of the enterprise demands. Furthermore, we are focused on deployments that are available from large to medium sizes of extensions from 100 and above.


Asterisk Customization solutions


Aside from the Asterisk IP PBX, we also offer Asterisk Customization solutions that have a myriad of features that support the variety of PRI and the VoIP protocols. The Asterisk can operate with numerous codecs. This is considered open and flexible, which can allow you to develop many applications. Our Asterisk Customized Development includes major types such as Asterisk module development or customization, Asterisk application development or customization, and Asterisk bug fixing.


When it comes to Asterisk Module Development or Customization, it is changing the Asterisk key modules such as codecs, cdr, formats, music or config on hold. Say for instance, we add feature that is Extra Notify to the MWI or Message Waiting Indication. In terms of the Asterisk Application Development or Customization, we use Asterisk applications that are libraries like the linux library of loadable modules. These are being employed during Asterisk normal functioning. With our applications, these are Wait, Dial, NoOp, and many more. We have better exposure when it comes to Asterisk Architecture, plus we will walk an extra mile to able to reach all your specific requirements and needs in customization.  


Summing it up, we have many services that you can use especially when you belong to an enterprise corporate and government organizations. Moreover, you will be guaranteed of having excellent services, which in turn will satisfy you the most.