Best Entry Level IP Phone for Business

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Best Entry Level IP Phone for Startups & Small Offices

IP Phones now are an integral part of the business which helps with the development and growth.

The Top Business Benefits of a VOIP Telephone System
1. Low Cost-Per-Call- As part of the name suggests, a VoIP telephone system utilizes Internet Protocol to make calls. …
2. Service Mobility.
3. The versatility of Features.
4. Simple Conference Calls.
5. Efficient Client Interaction.
6. Reliable in a Pinch.

How do IP phones work?

These converted digital signals are then sent over to a broadline, as data. In simpler words, IP phones work by taking
telephone conversations and routing them through an IP phone system, also known as a VoIP system, over a network cable, into the network, and then out and into the internet.
Fanvil IP Phone X1S/X1SP is an entry-level IP Phone. With all the necessary VoIP features and other extended features like EHS headset, it provides a high-quality and convenient experience for users at an affordable price.


  • 2 SIP lines, 3-way conference, SIP hotspot
  • 1000 local phonebook, caller ID, call hold, call transfer
  • 128×48 Dot-matrix display
  • HD audio on speakerphone and handset
  • Support EHS wireless headset
  • Dual Fast ports, integrated PoE
    Stand with 2 adjustable angles of 45 and 50 degrees
  • Compatible with major platforms: Asterisk, Broadsoft, 3CX, Metaswitch, Elastix, Avaya, etc.

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