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Vega VoIP digital gateways are small appliances that seamlessly connect your legacy telephony infrastructure, made up of PRI (T1, E1) or BRI lines, to IP networks. 

They are great for businesses with legacy phone equipment (such as a TDM Phone Systems) who want to connect to SIP trunking services without having to spend money altering their current network infrastructure. They are also great for businesses that are already VoIP-enabled at the core (with an IP-PBX) that need PSTN connectivity and require a SIP-to-TDM converter.  

Simply place the Vega VoIP digital gateway at the edge of your network, plug in your existing Internet cable for VoIP connectivity and E1/T1 or BRI cables from your phone system, and let the Vega VoIP digital gateway automatically handle the SIP signaling and voice media conversion for seamless voice and T.38 Fax integration.

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The Sangoma Vega 400G VoIP Gateway lets you effectively interface computerized communication hardware to IP systems.

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Designed to work with FreePBX and PBXact, Sangoma IP phones are so smart you can quickly and easily use them right out of the box. Each phone in the series features industry standard Power over Ethernet (PoE), so no power cable or outlets required. They have full duplex speakerphones, dual Ethernet Ports, multi-way conference calling, high definition voice quality and they’re Virtual Private Network (VPN) capable.

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Sangoma is a leading provider of hardware and software products and components that enable IP communications systems for telecom applications. Sangoma is a main supplier of equipment and programming parts that empower or improve IP Communications Systems for both telecom and datacom applications. Get All Sangoma Proucts Online in India, Banglore from DCNET.

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IP Phones now are an integral part of the business which helps with the development and growth.

The Top Business Benefits of a VOIP Telephone System
1. Low Cost-Per-Call- As part of the name suggests, a VoIP telephone system utilizes Internet Protocol to make calls. …
2. Service Mobility.
3. The versatility of Features.
4. Simple Conference Calls.
5. Efficient Client Interaction.
6. Reliable in a Pinch.