GSM Gateway is very popular nowadays in call centers, Help Line and workplaces. Dinstar products in dcnet passage are truly steady and highlight rich for the utilization.

Our item go incorporates a wide range of dinstar 8 port gsm to VoIP gateway, dinstar 4 port gsm to voip gateway, dinstar 16 port gsm to VoIP gateway and dinstar 32 port gsm to VoIP gateway.

All the models of gsm gateway can easily be connected with Contact center suite appliances: for multi specialists calls and accessibility to all the propelled call center telephony features, Conference connect: for multi-party meeting from independent quantities of every operator/official, IP PBX: for internal communication between the organization, OBD IVR: for publicizing any significant data and so on.

GSM VoIP gateways are utilized regularly to diminish the correspondence cost in different associations. Need for this advanced because of expanded call traffic in the different organization which requested a higher operational expense. It also reduces the call cost for remote place communication where landline does not reach. It also converts landline-to-mobile calls into mobile-to-mobile calls which ultimately reduce calling expenses.

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