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IP/PBX Gateways

Dinstar With an IP PBX or Private Branch Exchange system, users are able to switch between traditional telephony systems and VoIP systems. The setup lets users stay connected to the IP system or internet while still being able to maintain a connection with external phone lines. The flexibility of a IP PBX device is to such an extent that users are able to switch between traditional telephone users and VoIP users or between two traditional phone users as well just like in a conventional PBX system.

DCNET Solutions offer IP PBX gateways at the most cost-effective prices to ensure a flexible telecommunication system for big and small enterprises. One of the main benefits of an IP PBX system is that it uses voice networks and converged data. It means that users can have access to internet facilities as well as telephone lines. This innovative device also reduces the call costs while offering twice the benefits of a regular telephony system.

DCNET Solutions has a variety of models for the IP PBX frameworks giving users the freedom to communicate with their clients. The versatility ensured with these IP PBX gateways gives users reduced call costs, internet costs, and even maintenance costs. The device is surely a multi-operational machine for long-term usage. Users can buy IP PBX gateways in India at affordable costs through DCNET Solutions.


Dinstar IP/PBX Gateways