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Yeastar GSM Gateway

Yeastar GSM Gateway

Yeastar GSM Gateways in India


With Yeastar GSM gateways, users can have simplified connections between FXO, FXS, CDMA, GSM, IP, UMTS, BRI, and PRI networks. The operation is done to ensure a reduction in the call operating costs for delivering a convenient telephony connection between the sender and receiver line. VoIP phones systems are used by a majority of small, medium and large companies to have reduced costs. And, the use of Yeastar VoIP gateways ensures that reduction in call costs.


Yeastar has been operating since 2006 to deliver the most simplified telephony devices. Their cost-effective and robust VoIP products commit to offering SMB for the communication operations which run dedicatedly through various potential telephony systems.


Their speciality in offering VoIP GSM gateways in India through DCNET Solutions makes them one of the top choices among many enterprises, call centres, and other similar companies. The field of communication is greatly simplified with their dedicative approach in the world of telecommunication. With DCNET Solutions, Yeastar VoIP gateways in India are provided with a vision to ensure an affordable solution for all sorts of enterprises that need telecommunication solutions. Interoperability and a user-friendly design are some of the many qualities these portable devices offer. Check out the list of highly interoperable Yeastar GSM VoIP gateways offered for the customers.

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Yeastar VOIP GSM Gateway TG800 The Yeastar VOIP GSM Gateway TG800 is a popular GSM gateway used f..
Rs.-67.57 Rs.-67.57 Ex Tax: Rs.-67.57
Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway TG1600 Yeastar’s VoIP GSM Gateway TG1600 is a reliable GSM gateway that..
Rs.-67.57 Rs.-67.57 Ex Tax: Rs.-67.57
Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway TG400 Yeastar’s VoIP GSM Gateway TG400 is a 4 channel-based GSM gateway..
Rs.-67.57 Rs.-67.57 Ex Tax: Rs.-67.57