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Digium IP Phones

Digium IP Phones

Buy Digium IP Phones in India


Digium Phones are the main VoIP business telephones planned particularly for Asterisk based telephone frameworks. All models incorporate HDVoice, high-end plug-and-play features and are accessible at a cost to fit any financial plan. With different line appearances, logical delicate keys, and propelled applications, users can access data hassle-free. Digium IP phones offer the highest level of flexibility and customization for communication systems like Asterisk.


DCNET Solutions offers Digium IP phones, which offer simplified solutions to time-consuming systems where provisioning and installation is involved. Such IP phones are able to assign correct users and locate servers automatically. This way the deployments involved are pretty fast. Moreover, the system also offers a top-notch user experience, which is, no usually, the case with other business phones.


The Digium IP phones offer applications that feature a flexible API. This JavaScript API lets developers create customized phone apps for businesses. This extends the utilization power of communication systems like Switchvox and Asterisk.


The App Engine interfaces with the phone's core elements and permits any web engineer to just form a variety of applications for any reason, including crisis notices, climate alarms, call focus applications, CRM combinations, online networking incorporations and many others. Users can buy Digium IP phones in India through DCNET Solutions

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Rs.-67.57 Rs.-67.57 Ex Tax: Rs.-67.57
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Rs.-67.57 Rs.-67.57 Ex Tax: Rs.-67.57
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Rs.-67.57 Rs.-67.57 Ex Tax: Rs.-67.57