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Caudalfin PRI Cards

Caudalfin PRI Cards

Buy CaudalFin PRI Cards in India


CaudalFin advanced line cards (PRI - E1/T1/J1) permits network to E1, T1, J1 open communication frameworks from Asterisk™ and FreeSWITCH™ based open VoIP communication frameworks. CaudalFin computerized cards are superior, financially savvy PCIe based cards that permit product PC equipment utilizing Asterisk™/FreeSWITCH™ programming into a VoIP communication stage for an assortment of VoIP communication applications.


With CaudalFin PRI cards, running of VoIP PBX appliances is simplified without worrying about extra costs of any kind. These devices are also perfect for IVRS solutions. Plus, these offer inbound and outbound dialling as well which lets users get advanced contact centre solutions. Availability of hosted VoIP servers enables users to get better services. CaudalFin PRI cards also connect T1 to E1 networks efficiently. Other than that, these can be used for VoIP gateways and legacy PBX systems as well.


CaudalFin PRI cards are elite gateways while being greatly cost effective upheld by prevalent support. The organization intends to give a financially savvy equipment sponsored by amazing backing for clients amid establishment and upkeep. Getting CaudalFin PRI gateways at the right price is not easy in India. But with DCNET Solutions, these PRI cards are available at the most affordable prices in India. 

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CAUDALFIN FOUR PORT PRI CARD E1 / T1 / J1 (PRI) CARD The CaudalFin Four port PRI Card E1 / T1 / J..
Rs.-67.57 Rs.-67.57 Ex Tax: Rs.-67.57
CAUDALFIN DUAL PORT PRI CARD E1 / T1 / J1 (PRI) CARD Caudalfin Dual Span E1/T1/J1 PCI/PCIe cards ..
Rs.-67.57 Rs.-67.57 Ex Tax: Rs.-67.57
CAUDALFIN SINGLE PORT PRI CARD E1 / T1 / J1 (PRI) CARD Caudalfin Single Span E1/T1/J1 cards offer..
Rs.-67.57 Rs.-67.57 Ex Tax: Rs.-67.57