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Digium PRI Cards

Digium PRI Cards

Buy Digium PRI Cards in India


Digium's super-reliable digital circuit cards are used for connecting Asterisk-based communication systems to T1, J1, E1, and ISDN-BRI interfaces. Digium offers a variety of single and multi-span cards to give users flexibility of communication. Users can add concurrent digital calls to simultaneously to their Asterisk communication systems with the help of these digital line telephony gateway cards.


Digium PRI cards offer the best call quality without compromising with the system compatibility. Digium cards offered through DCNET Solutions have a very high standard of connectivity for PSTN lines as well. Moreover, an optional support for echo cancellation in these units makes it a preferable gateway over other PRI cards. Digium PRI cards also give users the accessibility to develop large-scale applications based on Asterisk which need the use of high-end digital connectivity while maintaining the costs as low as possible.


DCNET Solutions offers these Digium PRI gateways in India to customers who are looking for world-class PRI cards that connect traditional PBX systems with the VoIP systems at the lowest price. These unit support industrial standards for the protocols involved making them the ideal choice for all such needs. Users can buy the Digium PRI cards through DCNET Solutions in India. 

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Digium Quad Span PRI Card PRI Card / Gateways Quad Span New
Digium Quad Span Digital Card Digium’s Quad span digital interface cards offer 96 (T1 / J1) or 12..
Rs.-67.57 Rs.-67.57 Ex Tax: Rs.-67.57
Digium Octal Span PRI Card PRI Card / Gateways Octal Span New
DIGIUM OCTAL SPAN DIGITAL CARD With the Digium Octal Span digital card offers an exclusive built ..
Rs.-67.57 Rs.-67.57 Ex Tax: Rs.-67.57
Digium Dual Span PRI Card PRI Card / Gateways Dual Span New
DIGIUM DUAL SPAN DIGITAL CARD Digium offers yet another great device – dual span digital card whi..
Rs.-67.57 Rs.-67.57 Ex Tax: Rs.-67.57
Digium Single Span PRI Card PRI Card / Gateways Single Span New
DIGIUM SINGLE SPAN DIGITAL CARD Digium's new single span digital cards are the most recent augmen..
Rs.-67.57 Rs.-67.57 Ex Tax: Rs.-67.57