Device Management

  • GDMS

Use GDMS to provision, manage, monitor and troubleshoot Grandstream products, including device management, account management, device configuration, firmware upgrades, device monitoring, intelligent alarm, and statistical analysis, individually or in batches of devices by site, group and model.

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  • Offers configuration, management and monitroing of devices, accounts and firmware
  • Real-time device and network monitoring; analytical system reports
  • Configure and manage a batch of devices by different sites, groups and models
  • Enterprise-grade security including TLS and 2-way certificate verification
  • Configurable notifications, intelligent alarms and automatic troubleshooting
  • Intelligent troubleshooting automatically identifies problems and provides diagnostic reports
  • Two-factor login authentication to protect your data security
  • Grandstream Auto Provisioning Service (GAPS) will remain as a legacy solution for Grandstream products and users that are not yet ready to update their current devices’ firmware to a point where GDMS is supported. New products will use GDMS.