Sangoma IP Phones for your Business Needs

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Designed to work with Free PBX and PBX act, Sangoma IP phones are so smart you can quickly and easily use them right out of the box. Each phone in the series features industry standard Power over Ethernet (PoE), so no power cable or outlets required. They have full duplex speakerphones, dual Ethernet Ports, multi-way conference calling, high definition voice quality and they’re Virtual Private Network (VPN) capable.

Easy-to-use Visual PhoneApps

Sangoma Phone Apps are available right on the phone, straight out of the box with no requirement for additional licenses. Users can control complicated features directly from their phones. There’s no need to remember feature codes. User applications include: Call Parking, Follow Me, Do Not Disturb, Conference Rooms, Call Forwarding, Time Conditions, Presence, Queues, Queue Agents, Transfer to Voicemail, Visual Voicemail, Log In/Out, Call Flow and Contacts.

Why is Sangoma Zero Touch Better?

IP Phones can be complex to install, and manually configuring many different parameters and hundreds of extensions can take hours. When you buy and install your Sangoma IP phones, the redirection server automatically points the phone to the Sangoma FreePBX IP-PBX for configuration. Other vendors have redirection servers, but they have to be programmed with the details of the IP PBX. Only Sangoma can provide Zero Touch Provisioning.

EndPoint Manager Included

When using a Sangoma IP phone, EndPoint Manager software inside Free PBX IP-PBX is automatically enabled. This lets your users control global settings, program their phone keys, map extensions, upload images, download new firmware, and much more.

Built-in VPN for Security

To ensure the security of remote workers as they connect to the main office phone system, all Sangoma IP phones are designed with VPN clients which seamlessly connect to the built-in VPN servers within FreePBX and PBXact IP-PBX. Provide high level of voice quality and protection to your remote staff without compromising firewall settings

Sangoma PRI Gateways allows you to keep your existing legacy infrastructure and connect to VoIP Services, saving your business time.

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