Session Border Controllers

Dinstar Session Border Controllers

FXS VoIP gateways are devices for telecommunication solutions that offer a cost-effective and simple method to deal with extensive call rates on analog telephony systems or fax machines. FXS gateways enable better and affordable solutions for telecommunication with the VoIP PBX systems. And, Dinstar FXS gateways are one of the best in the world of telecommunications. Users can trust DCNET Solutions for the best Dinstar FXS VoIP gateways at the cheapest prices.

Users understand the costs of multiple VoIP phone systems which are used by businesses around the world for communicating with clients and contractors. The costs can be reduced when an FXS VoIP gateway is used to connect multiple analog PBX systems with a single VoIP system. Reduction in costs while retaining the same interoperability ensures high-end outputs.

Dinstar FXS VoIP gateways are recognised by top businesses that prefer the system for all their communication and transmission solutions. With FXS gateways, the analog data from the PBX systems is converted to digital IP data used by internet ensuring a global reach instead of a local one. This way, users are able to use the same traditional phone systems for communication with the internet world. Users can buy Dinstar FXS gateways without worrying about the warranty or prices

Sangoma Session Border Controllers

Businesses connecting their infrastructure to a SIP Trunk, or VoIP Connection, require a Session Border Controllers (SBC) for security, interoperability and transcoding. Often times, businesses will forget the importance of an SBC when switching from their legacy phone system to VoIP and simply use their existing firewall for protection, and make a huge mistake! A typical firewall can only protect your data network and as soon as you as you open it up to the internet, which is how you connect to VoIP services, the entire network is exposed. The other pitfall of using your existing firewall, instead of an SBC, is that phone calls may not connect or there will be audio issues. An SBC will automatically do the call translations for you, with the built-in interoperability features and also translate the audio with built-in transcoding capabilities.


A Sangoma SBC protects both your data and voice network and is designed to handle every aspect of phone call interoperability challenges, audio transcoding and security that travel over the internet (or voice-over-ip phone calls).

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