Introducing Sparz-IPPBX

Scalable and Inter-operable with any existing set-up multi functionality.


Sparz IP-PBX

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Sparz IP-PBX

Key Features

Introducing Sparz-IPPBX to connect branches and multi-branches office over internet to establish voice call. San-IPPBX can make inter connectivity of all medium like PRI, analog line, VOIP, GSM etc while using any resources analog phone, IP phone, PC, Laptop, smart phone etc. scalable and inter-operable with any existing set-up multi functionality

  • Support up to 200 concurrent call (without recording)
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • CDR Dashboard to monitor Outgoing/Incoming/Intercom/Missed Calls
  • Trunk wise utilization Report
  • Extension wise utilization Report
  • Ac Code wise utilization Report
  • Peak Hours Report
  • Queue Report on basis of user rights
  • Mobile agent Management and Report
  • Dynamic field selection
  • Third Party API Integration on Incoming/Outgoing/
  • Hangup/IVR/IVR Selection
  • Extension wise Grouping to make calls between groups/society
  • Address Book feature to display Callee name on incoming call
  • Different MOH for Extension, Queue and Agent
  • Outbound calling based onA/c Code
  • Multiple Outbound routes extension/called number wise
  • Outbound route selection based on time
  • SMS/EMailAPI Integration
  • User rights to read/listen/delete call logs on basis of department/extension selection/extension range
  • Recording on the basis of API/Answered/Unanswered/Complete
  • Bulk Upload/Bulk Modify extensions
  • Configuration Auto Backup/Restore scheduler on other device
  • Auto update of software just on click
  • Expandable RAM
  • Expandable SSD Hard Disk
  • Centralized CDR Reports of multi branch IP-PBX
  • Global/Personal Speeddial
  • Personalized rules for extension like Dynamic Lock, Intercom, Barging/Whisper
  • DID/Outbound Route wise recording folder selection
  • Group/Extension Pickup
  • Failover Trunk Management
  • Bulk extensions upload and update
  • Inbuilt Firewall
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