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A VoIP gateway is a device which converts telephone traffic into internet protocol (IP) for transmission over a network data. Pri gateway is a single-span gateway offering 30 simultaneous VOIP to ISDN PRI calls for a IP based system. it provides T1/E1 PRI trunking. The Gateway is suitable for large enterprises, VOIP service providers and system integrators for smooth migration to the new age IP telephony. The multi-branch offices and other business communications use their existing broadband connections to setup cost-effective IP communication among them. Sangoma pri gateways in India allows you to connect VoIP services and saving your valuable business time. Their products and services are created by the best architects in the business. Sangoma pri gateways in india support any business needs up to a completely managed solution.

Sangoma pri card

Telephony cards includes the thousands of worldwide projects, flexibility, with a life time wrranty. DCNET offers best sangoma pri card price in India. Sangoma telephony cards are most flexible on the market.

Digium pri cards
Digium is the digital circuit cards. It used for connecting Asterisk-based communication system to T1,J1,E1 and ISDN-BRI interfaces. Digium offers two cards single and multi-span cards to give users to flexibility of communication. It is the best call quality without compromising with the system compatibility.