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Digium product lines comprise Asterisk custom communication, switchvox communication, a line of VoIP gateways sketched respectively for the use of Asterisk Solution and switchvox, and IP phones that are possible at a price all companies can bear.

The Digium IP Phones give the most established alliance possible with Switchvox. These phones consolidate plug-and-play installation, conserving you time. Switchvox executes it more obvious and more affordable for your firm to communicate. Digium IP Phones, the Digium innovation, will exceedingly improve upon your Asterisk and Switchvox based systems by granting a unique level of integration. Digium phones are more in harmony with Asterisk and Switchvox than any other IP phone, unhitching their full performance potential and customization.

PRI Cards

Digium’s digital telephony cards connect Asterisk-based custom phone systems to T1, E1, J1, and ISDN-BRI interfaces. They are high-performance, cost-effective, telephony interfaces. PRI cards have a variety of configuration possibilities. They are the amount 1 choice amongst Asterisk, FreePBX, SS7, and Voice API integrators with a good range of protocol assistance including PRI, CAS MFCR2, SS7.


Dinstar GSM VoIP gateways are used typically to diminish the transmission cost in various businesses. But the necessity for this evolved due to progressed call traffic in the many organization which enjoined a higher operational cost. It also diminishes the call cost for remote place communication where landline will not reach. It also switches landline-to-mobile calls into mobile-to-mobile calls which sequentially reduce calling expenses.

These GSM VoIP gateways arise with multiple ports that grant easy connectivity alternatives. Its unified connectivity and open standard SIP support enable IP phones to get attached to it easily. It is suitable for any organization that needs call termination and remote communication connectivity. It also allows extension users to make an outbound call via using combined SIM services which is possible as it converts landline-to-mobile calls into mobile-to-mobile calls.

Dcnet India is the leading supplier of IP phones and GSM Gateways in India. They market devices that are affordable for all businesses. They administer Asterisk Solutions, Voice Logger Solutions, IP-PBX Solutions, Click to Call Solutions, Call Center Solutions, Conferencing Solutions.