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Voice Logger Solutions

Is It Important to Have Asterisk Voice Logger Solutions in a Company?


A voice logger is a kind of device that is programmed to use record information forms the telephones, microphones, radios, and other sources for storage on a computer’s hard drive or any removable hardware. This is important tool in recording conversation between the contact of the agents, managers, and supervisor on one hand and predictions, leads or client on the other.


How does it works?


This is an integral part of communication system that can contain a communication multiple formats. An asterisk voice logger solution is a program that used to record the audio information from any removable media. This is ideal for any business that demands comprehensive customizability and functionality.  This program was designed to work seamlessly along with an Interactive Voice Response, Predictive Dialer and Automatic Call Distributor solution, its fit for a company that need the end to end solution or a standalone voice recording system that combined with the current setup.


Whether you start in a simple set up or planning for extension of your current capabilities, the solution will be allow you to do with the shortest Time To Implementation even without upgrading your hardware and software as well as IT costs. All features in the Voice Logger can help you to obtain the quality goals even without the overhead of up gradation and maintenance cost.


Therefore, here are the helpful features of Voice Loggers:


  • It is automatically record the entire conversation and keep a way of outbound and inbound interactions between the clients and agents for the feature assurance with our no bar recording and it’ record limitlessly.
  • Search through a voice records even without endless buttons, menus and save up in your valuable time. Searching in voice logger is effortlessly.
  • Just post a simple backup drive then save all the records either choose a record to be backed up regularly.
  • Do not worry about the security. The managers, supervisors, administrators and other qualified user are only allow to access in voice logger. Sensitive information in the wrong hands could cause disaster on the image of company.
  • Can store a multiple formats. If we want to save space, we are able to convert the voice logs into MP3 format. It can also convert in .WAV format. We can also choose other file format that you want.
  • Reporting and viewing via online. Accessing to the comprehensive report and voice logs is allowed in the OVS CRM.


What is the solution that was provided by Asterisk Voice Logging Solutions?


  • The following are the solution that are provided by Asterisk Voice Logging that helps a lot in recording conversation in a call center company.
  • It installed the PRI Loggers, Digital Loggers, Analog Loggers and Pri Voice Logger on Asterisk
  • Its centralized the access
  • All branches can be access thru internet
  • All the voice logging data will stored in the server as well as the details that allow to retrieve using our Z.CLS application
  • Provide the centralized Voice Logging Solutions


Using the asterisk voice logging solution can help us to identify and monitor the quality as well as the productivity of an agent. Our aim is to give the client a useful product that we will surely help to obtain the objectives of the company.